New Year's Revolution

Seven or so years ago a seasoned pastor sat across the table and said to me, "You've accomplished more in six or seven years on the mission field than many missionaries do in thirty years."  I was stunned when he said it.   I guess I had never thought about our "accomplishments" or much less the lack thereof of many missionaries.

The reality of the situation is that God was gracious and merciful to us and that He kindly covered over so many of our errors and short-comings.  Truly, He did it all.

Our part was relatively simple:

1.  Thania and I have always had a relentless kind of faith. We're stubborn by nature!  We just keep believing God was doing something and our job wasn't to doubt, but to look. What are you looking for from God right now?

2.  I've always believed that what we do was extremely important for the kingdom. It's not so much that we're important, but our calling to reach the forgotten is important. What have you prioritized over your "calling" in your own life?

3.  We have very few sacred cows.  We experiment. We see if it works. At the foundational level, we have to believe it pleases God.  If it does, then, we go for it. We're not afraid of change. What needs to go in your life in order for you to move forward?

4.  We've never really cared about what everyone else is doing!  I don't mean it in a rude way, but we're busy. We haven't had a lot of time to go here and there and go to this seminar or that one.  We just do what we do. Who are you comparing yourself to?  Why do you care?

5.  We have "laser-like" focus. I think I got that phrase from Robert Ringer. We are relentlessly focused on the Lord and what He has for us. Of course, we miss some times, but overall we try to stay focused. How diligently are you focused on what God is doing?

6.  We know when to take a break. You can't "do" all the time. You have to "be."  A decade ago I wrote about that in my little book Leading Out of Love (free download on the "about us" page of our website) and it's still true. "Being" often takes time away to seek the Lord and hear from Him--to focus and refocus. When is the last time you spent quality time with the Lord?

7.  We put a lot of stock in Jesus' words to love God with our everything and love our neighbors. We think that's the sum and substance of Christianity.   We camp there. You should too!  How do you express God's love in your life?  What part of your life have you taken back from God?

Happy New Year!  Together, we are moving forward for the Lord. Hope is arriving in places where they have never heard the Gospel. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, but it takes action.  And, that action has to be based on "who" He is and "who" you are!

Let's blow 2018 out of the water for the Lord. Let's begin on our knees looking for Him and preparing to be changed and renewed by the power of his love.


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