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New Year's Revolution

Seven or so years ago a seasoned pastor sat across the table and said to me, "You've accomplished more in six or seven years on the mission field than many missionaries do in thirty years."  I was stunned when he said it.   I guess I had never thought about our "accomplishments" or much less the lack thereof of many missionaries. The reality of the situation is that God was gracious and merciful to us and that He kindly covered over so many of our errors and short-comings.  Truly, He did it all. Our part was relatively simple: 1.  Thania and I have always had a relentless kind of faith. We're stubborn by nature!  We just keep believing God was doing something and our job wasn't to doubt, but to look. What are you looking for from God right now? 2.  I've always believed that what we do was extremely important for the kingdom. It's not so much that we're important, but our calling to reach the forgotten is important. What have you prioritiz