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Curiosity Did NOT Kill the Cat: Conspiracy

The yellow banner was really flapping in the breeze.  The temperature was perfect.  It would have been hard to find a more perfect weather moment any where on the planet.  Ruben was happy in his stroller.  I was happy to push him out and about around the museum while Thania and the boys were checking out the fascinating science exhibits. Our limited time in the U.S. means that we squeeze museum visits in between visiting friends, praying with folks, begging for support for our missionary endeavors, and traveling.  It's an exciting life, but not one that many people would embrace.  This was a moment of peace--a quiet walk with my tiny son. My eyes flashed back to the yellow flag.  "Long live curiosity" it exclaimed in definitive black letters.  The yellow really did work to draw in my attention.  I began to muse about all of the times that curiosity has gotten the best of me.  I remember questioning one of my "famous" seminary professors who was a renown ex